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For organizations seeking to meet their goals in workers compensation and related domains, I stand ready to assist. I offer unique skills in independent assessment of strategy, execution and communication.

I have been an entrepreneur, consultant to over a hundred clients, teacher and award-winning journalist. I have a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Innovation is a theme of much of my work for clients and of my writing. I frequently address innovations in product or service, technology, and marketing strategy.

I focus on workers compensation. Annual costs in the United States exceed $70 billion, arising out of over three million injuries.

Selected publications:

Video noting the 100th anniversary of the workers' compensation system 2011

Workers' Compensation Opt-Out: Can Privatization Work? 2012

Work Safe: An Employer's Guide to Safety and Health in a Diversified Workforce 2013

You will find here my resume, a selection of my writings, and contact information.